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//Expo Dubai 2020: some insights in numbers

Expo Dubai 2020: some insights in numbers

21/10/2019Category : Events
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On 20 October-10 April 2021 Dubai – capital city of the United Arab Emirates – will host the international trade fair EXPO. After the last edition held in Milan in 2015, for the first time in history an Arab country will host what is expected to be the greatest event ever organised in the UAE. The motto of Expo 2020 will be “Connecting minds, creating future”, and themes chosen for the universal event include Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

foto logo Expo Dubai 2020

Expo 2020 Dubaiwill present the best in the scene of art, architecture, innovation and technology in the over 200 pavilions of the various nations attending the event.

Hence, it is a happening of worldwide importance during which every country will have the opportunity to express the essence of its culture, the result of years of research and innovation.

The exhibition’s importance is impressive, and how could this be better described than with numbers?

This is Expo Dubai 2020 presented with some of its most significant numbers

150,000 daily visitors expected at Expo 2020

4.38 km2 venue surface area, two-fold the area of the Principality of Monaco

25 million visits to Expo 2020 Dubai between October 2020 and April 2021, equivalent to the entire population of Australia

70 per cent of visitors expected from outside the United Arab Emirates, the largest percentage of international visitors in more than one and a half century of world exhibitions

60 and more live events daily hosted at Expo 2020 Dubai for 173 consecutive days

200 participants attending Expo 2020 Dubai, including nations, multilateral organisations, companies and educational institutions

foto expo dubai 2020 render plaza

300,000 people, maximum capacity of the entire Expo 2020 venue, more than three-fold the capacity of the Wembley Stadium in London

45,000 m2 surface area of the Dubai Exhibition Centre, situated at the site of Expo 2020

44,000 passengers can be conveyed every hour to and from the Expo venue on the new Route 2020 line

100 million dollars allocated for Expo Live, Expo 2020 Dubai’s innovation and partnership programme, to support innovative solutions to urgent global challenges

35,000 people working during the six months of Expo Dubai 2020, out of which 216 under 30 years working for Expo 2020 and 50% of women

500,000 meals will be served in one peak day of Expo 2020

Al Wasl Plaza, the iconic site of Expo Dubai 2020

Just as Milan Expo 2015’s symbol was the tree of life, an impressive symbol has also been chosen for Expo Dubai 2020 both in terms of meaning and of architecture. It is a dome that extends across the 130 m of the central area of Al Wasl Plaza and rises to a height of 67 m. It has been practically built with tubes structurally organised into a motif of interconnected rings to create a dome shape. The project was designed in Italy, in partnership between 2 companies, one based in Milan and the other in Pordenone.

foto expo dubai 2020

Once again the numbers are amazing.

With a height of 67.5 m, the dome in Al Wasl Plaza is 10 m higher than the famous Tower of Pisa.

500 elephants would be required to reach the weight of the Al Wasl Plaza dome, which is as large as 16 tennis courts.

The dome has a maximum capacity 10,000 people.

Expo Dubai 2020 is expected to be a unique event. Keep following us, we shall soon provide structural details of some of the main pavilions at Expo Dubai 2020.

Meanwhile, watch the official presentation video of Expo Dubai 2020 “Be there for the World’s Greatest Show”. Enjoy!


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