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The evolution of trends - an overview

Space entirely centered on the latest news and trends in the world of design. Talking provides focus, details and articles that offer a closer look at both present and future trends, with information about the most influential international events, a snapshot of creativity around the world and a description of projects and personalities of design, architecture and art. Step in to browse through the latest articles.

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to trace trends

Trendwatching is our main activity, which we carry out to ensure exclusive solutions that are in step with the times, and based on evolving trends. Every project is the outcome of a careful study of the latest trends and of news in the field of aesthetics, taking into account the main changes that take place in every sector and throughout the world on a cyclical basis.
Hence, we yearly travel thousands of kilometres, visit several cities, process an endless number of ideas and.. drink thousands of cups of coffee!

Cities visited
Km travelled
Cups of coffee


What is trendwatching?

Trendwatching is research on quality to define the main aesthetic (fashion, design) and expressive (concept) trends, understand any interruptions in the progress of certain trends, changes in key cultural, lifestyle and consumption aspects in all parts of the world.
It is a genuine analysis tool that always includes at least two phases: the itinerant track on the field, and reprocessing and determination of categories at the desk. It can be useful in many sectors to understand, in advance, how to strategically position various activities, such as the development of new products, studies on new aesthetics, marketing campaigns, communications and an entire series of other strategies focused on consumer habits.

Trendwatching for Tosilab

  • Trend Hunting

    Hunting the latest trends

    We are constantly looking for trends that will characterize the future. We do this by participating in the most important fairs of design, art, architecture; we travel all over the world observing carefully and critically every peculiarity. The research of trends always takes place in the places where they are born.

  • Research

    From trends to surfaces

    After months of study, we extrapolate the main trends that characterise interiors in various geographical areas at a certain time. The guidelines defined help us make use of these elements to research and study the surfaces we design. Our research team is highly skilled in finding the rarest and most exclusive materials.

  • Design

    Endless design solutions

    Research is followed by design, which guarantees more or less endless solutions. Every project takes shape from various surfaces that can be sub-divide into: surfaces found and displayed as found, surfaces modified by our designers with mechanical, chemical and artistic hands on interventions, products manufactured ex novo with various materials that are often mutually combined and handmade, and designer solutions studied with digital programmes (graphic design).


For more information, read the trendwatching section and browse through the pictures of the main trade fairs our trendwatchers are visiting!


Designers, artists, trendwatchers, experts on surfaces and on the most innovative technologies: this is the Tosilab team. A perfect mix of expert professionals who follow all aspects of the production process. In our small and yet big world, the alphabet of interior design and of architecture is created by studying projects that make the most of every type of surface.

Discover The Frame Tosilab’s latest video

A square, a frame, a viewpoint to observe the world and what takes place in it. Focus on things to identify the essence of reality. An all-round framework that has inspired Tosilab to discover and interpret future scenarios, creating emotional synthesis.



Our Manifesto

Our ideas are very clear, and we have summarised them in 10 points that explain our observation, analysis, learning and application methods.


At work

The process to complete each project homogeneously involves all corporate areas, which work together by applying three concepts: creativity, innovation and usefulness of the designed solutions. Trendwatching & Research, Customer Care, Graphic Design and Technology are the 4 areas in which we place all our talent at the client’s disposal to ensure the utmost customisation and meet the demands of every market.


Let’s give the floor to our partners

Testimonials: what they say about us

Who better than our partners can explain what it means to daily work with Tosilab? We have recorded the impressions of some clients who, almost everyday, visit our company to talk with us and discuss the best design solutions together.
We call them HAPPY CLIENTS!