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passion for ideas

We travel, we observe and we create; we search, we analyse and we listen to design with a clear goal: wellbeing. We are aware that the space in which people live must transmit pleasant sensations and be a suitable place for every situation. Our skills, like the art of interior design, lies in finding the key to define differences and varieties and to transform them based on sign, harmony and feelings.

Creativity and passion
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Exhibition areas

“The joy of observing and understanding is the most beautiful gift of nature.”
- Albert Einstein

Observe to imagine and understand is the approach we adopt to guide clients when they visit our 6 exhibition areas. Over 1,000 to be studied with curious attention because every project is underpinned by a unique story.

Thoughts & Tools

Research and avant-garde

Technology is crucial for us because it offers solutions that represent the perfect aesthetic essence of reinterpreting or generating solutions that have the capacity to make the most of the environment.

Research enables us to select top quality surfaces, while we use the combination of avant-garde instruments and handcrafting equipment to shape a subtle design, “design in which there seems to be no design”. The goal is to draw out the multiple souls of the materials.

Research on digital design, which exploits the most sopisticated computer graphics software, is an unrivalled and multi-faceted data processing approach for the design sector. The study of patterns, skilful colour blending and rendering contribute to create aesthetically superior design.

Taking Part

Protagonists of events

By participating in leading tradefairs throughout the world, conferences and educational events, Tosilab expands and improves its knowledge to effectively learn about current and future needs in order to always provide the best feasible solution for all partners.