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// June 2018

Month: June 2018

The first 3D printed houses will appear in Eindhoven

3D printing has now become a widespread practice. We have been getting more familiar it in recent years, first through the printing of small objects, then progressing to furniture, chairs, armchairs and tables. In addition to this, the development of new technologies and new production and design methods is now affecting the world of design and architecture, creating functional elements with completely new aesthetics, unusual shapes and new colours. We discussed the impact of..

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2019 Pantone colours: the first palettes unveiled!

We have reached the mid-point of a 2018 which, in terms of colours, has gifted designers and professionals a host of ideas and unexpected innovations. From the colours selected in the 2018 Pantone colour palettes, a trend has emerged of favouring the use of bright, lively colours, in both the fashion world and that of interior design, while in Ultra Violet, chosen as the colour of the year 2018, we found a very special colour with its face set firmly towards the future. Up..

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10 must-see pavilions at the Venice Biennale Architettura 2018

The Venice International Architecture Exhibition 2018, which has reached its 16th edition, is entitled Freespace. Officially opened on 26 May, it will be held at the Giardini and Arsenale until November. Curated by the Irish firm Grafton Architects, Freespace is also the theme organisers have assigned the 63 nations participating in the Venice Biennale 2018. They have been invited to revisit their pavilion spaces with the utmost freedom, based on their cultural background,..

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