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// July 2019

Month: July 2019

Tokyo 2020 and Kawanishi’s sustainable medals

29/07/2019Category : Design

A Japanese designer, Junichi Kawanishi, has designed the 5,000 medals that will be awarded to the Olympic and Paralympic athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This choice is in line with the environmental sustainability policy adopted by the organizers of the most important sports event. The Olympic torch, produced by designer Tokujin Yoshioka, has also been created using 30% waste aluminium recovered from the temporary shelters built after the devastating earthquake in 2011. ..

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Pantone color of the year 2020: future, ecology or nostalgia?

It's time to start thinking about the Pantone color of the year 2020 which, as you know, will be revealed in December. However, thanks to the palettes this US company releases during the year, and our own trendwatching activities (check out the latest in the trendwatching section), we can already start analysing what the Pantone 2020 color palettes might look like. This article looks at some trend-setting Pantone 2020 colors (released in PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2020) in ..

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Un passo verso un nuovo futuro! #Tosilab50, il video

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Ever since we started out We've been converting ideas into beauty with our commitment with our strength with our hands the human touch has always made the difference in every project in every relationship with our customers and among ourselves We're a community But a community like no other Sure, you'll find us on social media… Or sipping a deserved espresso! But we've been going strong for 50 years… And what we do is unique Because we feel somethin..

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