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The new 5 tips not to be missed!

New images, new colors, new pages more and more complete: in collaboration with Diapason Digital, the new website has a new look, a new style renewed in the layout, in the structure and enriched with content, now in 3 languages ​​(Italian, English is Spanish). An interactive experience where among articles, focus and photographic material, the user navigates between the trends of the moment, famous and emerging designers, architectural and design works, nati..

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Tosilab on Platform Architecture and Design

Discover Tosilab's new exhibition rooms on Platform Architecture and Design. Creativity and innovation for new "artisans 4.0"

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Tosilab renewd

For us, this week starts with a touch of magic, with the memories and experiences we’ve taken from Cersaie, Tecnargilla and Bologna Design Week. It’s a period that has seen the Tosilab image revived and magnified, giving a whole new slant on how people see it. We’re delighted to share this new guise with you and are proud to present the new company video. ..

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