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Monolite: Hotel Terme Salvarola hosts a new work by Tosilab celebrating Emilia

A heartfelt project from the Gibertini family intended as a tribute to their home region, Monolite - designed and built together with Tosilab - will be installed in the park in front of the Hotel Terme Salvarola. The work encapsulates the essence of Modena and its environs, an area that has, over the years, seen numerous manufacturing industries grow to become world-renowned icons of excellence. Monolite is a work born out of a convergence of history, land, design and t..

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Creativity and innovation: Tosilab celebrates the company’s 50th anniversary

2019 has barely dawned and it promises to be a significant year for Tosilab, as that is the company's 50th anniversary started off  in June 1969. It is an important milestone for a company that has determinedly kept up with the rapid progress of its target market over the years. We have been driven by one goal all along: total customer satisfaction. 50 years of values, hard work and rewarding experiences; 50 years of ongoing research, study and a keen eye for detail; 50 ye..

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Tosilab Rewind 2018

E' stato un 2018 ricco di novità per Tosilab: tanti i chilometri percorsi a caccia delle ultime tendenze e tante le città visitate; diversi eventi organizzati e ai quali abbiamo preso parte; abbiamo ampliato le nostre t-spaces, siamo sbarcati in Brasile con un'area espositiva interamente dedicata al design Made in Italy Tosilab, costruito un nuovo spazio web ricco di contenuti e tanto altro ancora. Ripercorriamo le tappe del 2018, attraverso alcune foto e video che racch..

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