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// March 2018

Month: March 2018

Between modernity and history: Lusitanian style is back in fashion

19/03/2018Category : Trend

There are those who dare to say that Portugal can become the California of Europe: a place that combines ultra-modern buildings with history and culture, as well as tourist spots, the sea, excellent cuisine and unlimited prospects for the future. In this article we will talk about the renaissance of Portugal as it enjoys the most thriving moment of its journey which also embraces architecture and design. An economy restored to health in the space of 5 years Just over 5 year..

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Artificial Intelligence and design: A.I. Design

We live in the era of 4.0, smart cities, process automation and everything else that might be defined as technology-driven, an era characterised by two clearly defined extremes. On the one hand, everything can be traced back to the 'human' and its innumerable aspects (nature being the first and foremost); on the other, we have technology, which continues to extend its boundaries, creating artificial intelligences (AI) that can learn about and understand human behaviour, playi..

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