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Category: Technology

Ai-Da, the world’s first humanoid robot-artist

Artificial intelligence and art: two topics that can be considered similar today? Not long ago we talked about A.I. Design, trying to understand if artificial intelligence in design could one day become a winning combination. We had talked about some interesting examples that you can find at this link. In this article we will talk about Ai-Da, an innovative projectrelated with art and artificial intelligence. A robot with a human form that can draw portraits of the re..

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The first 3D printed houses will appear in Eindhoven

3D printing has now become a widespread practice. We have been getting more familiar it in recent years, first through the printing of small objects, then progressing to furniture, chairs, armchairs and tables. In addition to this, the development of new technologies and new production and design methods is now affecting the world of design and architecture, creating functional elements with completely new aesthetics, unusual shapes and new colours. We discussed the impact of..

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Artificial Intelligence and design: A.I. Design

We live in the era of 4.0, smart cities, process automation and everything else that might be defined as technology-driven, an era characterised by two clearly defined extremes. On the one hand, everything can be traced back to the 'human' and its innumerable aspects (nature being the first and foremost); on the other, we have technology, which continues to extend its boundaries, creating artificial intelligences (AI) that can learn about and understand human behaviour, playi..

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