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//The new 5 tips not to be missed!

The new 5 tips not to be missed!

New images, new colors, new pages more and more complete: in collaboration with Diapason Digital, the new website has a new look, a new style renewed in the layout, in the structure and enriched with content, now in 3 languages ​​(Italian, English is Spanish).

An interactive experience where among articles, focus and photographic material, the user navigates between the trends of the moment, famous and emerging designers, architectural and design works, national and international events.

Here are 5 curiosities that will make your experience unique.

  1. The welcome slider on the Homepage.
    When you enter, you will see a welcome message, surrounded by some objects. These objects represent some aspects of our daily mission: travelling in search of trends (represented by the world), design (here are some tools from our Graphic Design team), to propose and create trendy surfaces (colors and equipment of our designers).
    Yes, there is also a cup of coffee .. how could it be missing?
    In the following 4 slides the 4 macro-trends 2018-2019 are represented with a simple style: colors, objects, patterns and texts.
  2. The Trendwatching page.
    The new trendwatching page contains photos from the most important international design fairs and events we have visited during the last year.
    Here you will also find an interactive tab through which to explore trends and learn about the color palettes.
  3. Our blog Talking
    Talking is the section of the site where you can find all our articles. On the new site, the articles are open to comments, questions and reflections from our readers; browsing in Talking can be done for related articles, categories, tags and in many other ways and allows you to connect directly to our social networks!
  4. We talk about us in About
    About is the page where you can learn more about Tosilab: the graphic design, research and technology development teams, our t-spaces (with new photos of our exhibition areas) and the Taking Part section with all the events which we take part every year.
  5. Our Happy Clients
    We have collected the impressions of some customers who enter our company and talk with us almost every day.
    Go to the bottom of the homepage to read the testimonials of our Happy Clients!


Enjoy the new website!

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