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//Monolite: Hotel Terme Salvarola hosts a new work by Tosilab celebrating Emilia

Monolite: Hotel Terme Salvarola hosts a new work by Tosilab celebrating Emilia

A heartfelt project from the Gibertini family intended as a tribute to their home region, Monolite – designed and built together with Tosilab – will be installed in the park in front of the Hotel Terme Salvarola.

The work encapsulates the essence of Modena and its environs, an area that has, over the years, seen numerous manufacturing industries grow to become world-renowned icons of excellence.

Monolite is a work born out of a convergence of history, land, design and technology. It is a structure built on the ordered arrangement of disconnected elements. When seen as a whole, they are perceived as a single large-scale form soaring upwards, representing the re-interpretation of a column.
In architecture, columns function as constructional supports or decorative components. Historically, they have always played a symbolic role of considerable cultural significance. Columns symbolise height, strength, carrying capacity and structural aspects. They celebrate man and his feats, his discoveries and conquests.

In reinterpreting this crucial, historic architectural feature, Monolite celebrates the evolution and development of Modena and its environs, an area that has always been one of Italy’s manufacturing powerhouses and a worldwide ambassador of Made in Italy excellence. A land of well-being thanks to its thermal baths and long tradition of first-rate food and wine: a land of engineering excellence in the automotive sector and innovative design thanks to its ceramic manufacturing district.

This is a four-sided work, each side symbolising the one of the four keywords that summarise development in Emilia:
Wellbeing: The salutary hot springs of Salvarola Terme have been known since Roman times. They were used by Matilde di Canossa and defined as “divine” by the Estensi. During the Belle Époque, Salvarola Terme was a lively spa town and has, since the late 1950s, been restored to its former glory by the captain of industry Vincenzo Gibertini. Today, the hot springs of Salvarola – the waters and muds of which provide all-round wellbeing – remain one of the best-known places in Emilia Romagna thanks to the efforts of Gibertini’s heirs, who continued the ambitious project begun by their father.
Tradition: a goldmine of food, wine and flavours, Emilia Romagna has no less than 44 DOP and IGP certified products, thanks to a centuries-long culinary tradition.
Excellence: research, technology, craftsmanship and industrial prowess in products for the automotive sector, plus museums, race circuits and sports centres. ‘Motor Valley’ is the modern-day name given to an Emilia of ever-improving engineering excellence. Its unique heritage is celebrated in the Concours d’Élégance Trofeo Salvarola Terme, a high-class vintage car event that has already reached its 20th edition.
Design: the Modena area is home to the most important national (indeed, international) ceramic floor and wall tile manufacturing hub.
Monolite will be inaugurated at 6 pm on 15 March.

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