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//Creativity and innovation: Tosilab celebrates the company’s 50th anniversary

Creativity and innovation: Tosilab celebrates the company’s 50th anniversary

2019 has barely dawned and it promises to be a significant year for Tosilab, as that is the company’s 50th anniversary started off  in June 1969. It is an important milestone for a company that has determinedly kept up with the rapid progress of its target market over the years. We have been driven by one goal all along: total customer satisfaction.

50 years of values, hard work and rewarding experiences; 50 years of ongoing research, study and a keen eye for detail; 50 years as ground-breaking leaders, always one step ahead of others; 50 years of creative innovation.

These are the inspiring concepts of the celebration logo #Tosilab50, which is presented in this article as a preview. It will soon be one of the main theme of corporate communications for 2019.
This is a “Tosilab grey” 50 with a graphic style that distinguishes the logos of our t-spaces. The payoff “Creative Innovation Lab Since 1969” summarises these 50 years centred on creativity and innovation, and the path we shall pursue to offer excellent solutions that perfectly mirror the company’s glorious history.

Let’s start than with #Tosilab50 celebrations during which we will tell you stories and curiosities of a company made up of people who daily contribute to the company growth with passion and dedication, with satisfaction and professionalism.

Happy #Tosilab50

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