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//Trendwatching around the World: Tosilab in Brazil @Aspacer

Trendwatching around the World: Tosilab in Brazil @Aspacer

For the third year running, Tosilab shall be taking part in the Forum Nacional de Design para Revestimentos Ceramicos, organized by Aspacer and now in its sixth edition. The event will focus on developments and refinements in the ceramic design professions, with Tosilab giving a talk on its daily trendwatching activities.

The importance of Aspacer in Brazil

Aspacer (Asociación Paulista de Revestimiento de Cerámica) is a ceramic lining association that promotes the interests of the São Paolo ceramic-making district. It is one of the industry’s largest associations, not just in Brazil but throughout the Americas, making it, in fact, the world’s second-biggest. It also represents companies involved in the ceramic manufacturing automation chain.

The Tosilab talk

The Brazilian association promotes numerous events, one of them being the Forum Nacional de Design para Revestimentos Ceramicos, now in its sixth edition. On 7th and 8th August 2017 Tosilab will take part with a talk on “Tosilab Trendwatching Analysis. General Overview on 2017 Ongoing”, to be given by Ivan Saavedra, Marketing & Communication Specialist.

This will focus on an analysis of Tosilab’s daily trendwatching activities. The year 2017 is taking shape as one in which man is moving as an explorer of the tangible and the virtual, the philosophical and the practical. Society is becoming ever-more fluid, human behaviour changing at an ever-faster pace which would previously have been unimaginable. And every choice generates a gamut of reactions, their every aspect breathing life into a kaleidoscopic panorama of opinions, both technical and cultural.
Observation is essential. It helps us understand even the smallest changes to the world around us. That’s why, this year, Tosilab has been present in all the major international design cities/events, with follow-up studies producing complete results that make the most of the previous observation experience. This analysis method is part of the Tosilab DNA. Year by year, the focus on new ideas grows sharper and trendwatching becomes ever-more global.

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