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//10 museums that you can visit from home

10 museums that you can visit from home

#IStayHome but i go to the museum. This is how we could summarize the initiative of some of the largest international museums which, at this time when it is indicated to stay at home for the good and safety of all, have opened the doors of their precious virtual exhibitions.

Not long ago, we had told the experience promoted by the Louvre “Mona Lisa beyond the glass”, an exhibition in virtual reality that the Parisian museum had launched to learn more about the most hidden secrets of one of Leonardo’s most famous works da Vinci.

This confirms the fact that more and more art places are moving towards complete digitalization. Never as at this time it can be an opportunity for all of us to visit never-before-seen museums: a small spoiler on our screens that, who knows, will make us want to organize a trip as soon as this medical emergency is over.

If you are looking for something to do in these days, art will certainly not be missing, like history, automotive, aerospace thanks to this small selection of virtual exhibitions. There is something for all tastes: from neoclassical to contemporary art, from New York to Paris and Florence, all strictly  for free.

Here are 10 museums to visit digitally from your home

  • Florence. The Uffizi Gallery gives us the masterpieces of Cimabue and Botticelli. But not only. The virtual exhibitions available are dozens, there is really spoiled for choice. You can access the virtual museum of the uffizi through this link: Galleria degli Uffizi Virtual Tours
  • Turin. The idea of the Egyptian Museum of Turin is original: they organize the #AporteChiuse Live initiative from the Egyptian Museum on its official Youtube channel, where experts are directly involved to tell the works and historical finds in the museum. The Egyptian Museum YouTube channel is at this link
    This is an example

  • Venice. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the famous museum on the Grand Canal of Venice, has launched the “Voice you choice” campaign on its official Instagram channel (at this link): the experts will tell a work that the followers will choose, revealing new secrets and aspects.
  • Paris. The Louvre offers virtual tours of its rooms rich in art and history. Online tours are in English and French. Access from this link: Louvre Museum Virtual Tour
  • New York. Like the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum also offers the possibility of virtual tours in the several rooms of one of the most visited museums in the world. 360 ° video for an immersive experience.Link: Metropolitan Museum Virtual Tour
  • New York. For prehistoric and dinosaur fans, the Smithsonian Museum offers numerous virtual exhibitions on its website. You find them at this link. Smithsonian Museum Virtual Tour

foto Smithsonian Museum Virtual Tour - tosilab

  • London. Buckingham Palace, royal residence, opens its doors to virtual visitors with an exhibition accessible from this link-Buckingham Palace Virtual Tour

foto Buckingam Palace virtual tour - tosilab

  • Stuttgart. For car enthusiasts Porsche offers the opportunity to visit its museum, between history and engineering. here is the link Porsche Museum Virtual Tour
  • Pompeii. What was Pompeii like before the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD? You can find out in this interesting virtual exhibition that reconstructs the city of Pompeii in all its details on video. Pompei Virtual Tour
  • And if staying on earth is not enough for you, you can choose one of NASA’s virtual travels, the American space agency. There are many virtual tours, from the tunnel tests on the aircraft, to the laboratories, to the hangars where the aircraft are built and stored.

foto Nasa Virtual Tour - tosilab
Choose the most interesting for you. Here is some links:

Virtual tour of NASA Glenn Hangar

Virtual tour of 8 x 6 Supersonic Wind Tunnel

Virtual tour of 9 x 15 Low Speed Wind Tunnel

Virtual tour of Simulated Lunar Operations Laboratory (SLOPE)

Virtual tour of Zero-G

Virtual tour of Ballistics Impact Lab

Virtual tour of the Electric Propulsion and Power Laboratory (EPPL)

Virtual tour of the Icing Research Tunnel (IRT)

Virtual tour of the Space Environments Complex (SEC)

Virtual tour of Propulsion Systems Laboratory (PSL)

There are many other museums around the world that give the opportunity to do these interesting virtual tours. A practical and useful way to spend your time between art, culture and passions. And you, which museum did you choose to visit virtually? Let us know on our social networks! We are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube!

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