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//Fuorisalone 2019 Brera, Isola, Tortona: i temi

Fuorisalone 2019 Brera, Isola, Tortona: i temi

02/04/2019Category : Design

Fuorisalone 2019, the world’s most followed international design event, is once again ready to set future trends. This article illustrates the Fuorisalone 2019 events at Brera, Isola and Tortona, the three Milan districts that are most visited during Design Week.

Fuorisalone 2019 Brera

The theme for the Brera Design District at Fuorisalone 2019 (the 10th edition of the event) is Design Your Life. The choice is linked to a quote from the book Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans: «If we adopted a design approach to our daily choices too, we’d probably be happier and less stressed». Brera will be focusing everything on sustainability, as analysed and interpreted by 10 ambassadors. Each ambassador has been given a keyword to interpret. Here are the 10 words that will characterise the installations by the 10 ambassadors:

DESIGN YOUR COMMUNITY / Marco Mari and Carlotta Borruto (Italia Innovation)

DESIGN YOUR CREATIVITY / Mauro Martino (IBM Research AI, Northeastern University, Italy / US)

DESIGN YOUR CULTURE / Ivano Atzori and Kyre Chenven (Pretziada)

DESIGN YOUR EMOTION / Oliver Marlow (StudioTilt – Codesign)

DESIGN YOUR FUTURE / Mario Cucinella (Architect – MCA, SOS School of Sustainability)

DESIGN YOUR IDEAS / Daniel and Markus Freitag (Freitag)

DESIGN YOUR IMAGINATIONS / Thayse Viégas (Casa Canvas)

DESIGN YOUR MEMORIES / Aldo Cibic (Designer)

DESIGN YOUR TRANSFORMATION / Stefano Maffei (Professor, Politecnico di Milano)

DESIGN YOUR VALUE / Ben Sheppard (Mc Kinsey Design Index – The Business value of design)

Of particular interest among the main ambassadors is the architect Mario Cucinella with his SOS School of Sustainability; key international figures include Daniel and Markus Freitag, pioneers of the circular economy, and Ben Sheppard from McKinsey with his research into the economic value of design.

Other key personalities among those breathing life into installations in the Brera district include the designer Cristina Celestino, who will be setting up the Brera Design Apartment. The apartment in Via Palermo, a must-see for visitors to Brera at Fuorisalone 2019, will be characterised by a contemporary re-imagining of the carpet, which will be applied as a wall and, of course, floor lining. As usual, the Brera Design Apartment will open its doors to host a series of events, conferences and shows throughout the year.

foto fuorisalone 2019 brera

Fuorisalone 2019 Isola

With the third edition of Isola Design District, the district is again a hive of originality and discovery, an emerging force in the wider design panorama. With a focus on innovation and research, the Isola district’s Fuorisalone 2019 goal is to reinforce its status as a conglomerate of emerging Italian and international designers and studios, attentive to local workshops and companies that have made craftsmanship and the development of new materials the core of their businesses.

This year’s theme is Unlimited Design, a vehicle via which design can be celebrated in all its forms. The organisers explain:

During Milan Design Week, we want the Isola district’s venues to be ever-more open to experimentation and ‘cross-contamination’ between different disciplines and branches of knowledge. We want to push beyond the product and its function, continuing along the route taken since the very first edition.

foto fuorisalone 2019 isola

Fuorisalone 2019 Tortona

Experimentation, products, synergies both local and international, and always one of Fuorisalone’s most symbolic places: this is Tortona, which has, for 2019, announced a highly dynamic outside-the-box programme that will take shape between Via Tortona, Via Savona and Via Bergognone.

The underlying theme of the Tortona Rocks project at Fuorisalone 2019 will be Design Awareness. With 20 projects, 60 designers and 50 companies, Tortona Rocks will be showcasing an array of future-oriented proposals, forcing us to re-think how we go about designing and develop a fresh sense of awareness so we can de-code the fast-changing times we live in and create new, fully sustainable lifestyles.

Alex Chinneck will make his debut in Italy for IQOS WORLD as the author of the multi-dimensional environmental design project taking centre-stage at Fuorisalone 2019 in Tortona: surreal, estranging settings will completely alter Opificio 31 on both its exterior façade and in its interior, subverting the visitors’ very perception of it.

foto fuorisalone 2019 zona tortona

Fuorisalone 2019 dates and locations

Il fuorisalone 2019 will take place from 8th to 14th April, 2019 


Brera Design District
Zona Brera

Tortona Design Week
Zona Tortona

Ventura Centrale & Ventura Future
Zona Centrale&Loreto

5VIE art+design
Zona Distretto 5vie

Superstudio Più | SUPERDESIGN SHOW
Zona Tortona

Porta Venezia In Design
Zona Porta Venezia

Zona Santambrogio Design District
Zona Sant’Ambrogio

Asia Design Pavilion
Zona Tortona

La Triennale di Milano
Zona Triennale Cadorna

Zona Bovisa

Fabbrica del Vapore
Zona Monumentale

foto mappa fuorisalone 2019 dove

All Fuorisalone 2019 event info and programmes are available on the website

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