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//Le “Narrative Surfaces di Tosilab” alla Bologna Design Week

Le “Narrative Surfaces di Tosilab” alla Bologna Design Week

04/10/2017Category : Events

A space designed to surprise. A journey through images, colors and sensations that can create unique emotions. This was the concept that inspired Tosilab’s exhibition at Bologna Design Week, which took place from 26th to 30th September in the splendid setting of the Ex Hospital of Bastardini, in the heart of Bologna.

Accompanied by an emotional narrative short film (you can find a short preview on our Facebook page), the eight stories that composed Tales – Narrative Surfaces have been a great success among hundreds of visitors. From Joy to Passion, from Serenity to Adrenaline, Tosilab’s projects have become protagonists among designers and curious who have been enjoying with artistic shots that have gone through social networking during the design week.

For anyone who missed the exhibition or anyone who wants to deepen what seen in Bologna, we propose the 8 Narrative Surfaces with a detailed description of what they represent.


Joy represents the pleasure of creating a work of art; this project was developed through the use of various, typical urban materials. It tells the story of a place that, over the years, has hosted graffiti and billboard advertising and today presents itself as a combination of colours, forms and signs. Sections of a circus poster, the signature of a writer, the nuances of a mural: Joy evokes emotions which are perceived through sight


In man, sports arouse a series of indescribable emotions: personal challenges, the desire to reach a goal, victories to conquer. Euphoria is inspired by the leather covering of basketballs. The surface, scrupulously treated to create the effect of wear, tells of euphoria, one of the emotions invoked by sports. From the sound of a bouncing ball, to the rise and fall of water while swimming: Euphoria invokes the emotions that are felt through hearing.


The home is the only true place where one can feel that sense of protection and welcoming, which inevitably arouses a feeling of serenity. Inspired by a symbolic object of the home, Serenity reproduces one of the surfaces most full of delicious memories: the chopping board. Treated with a mixture of natural and artificial materials, Serenity narrates the decades-old history of a cutting board that has been the first witness of the tastes and flavours that only a home can give. Serenity is paired with the sense of taste.


The dreamlike evanescence of Passion is characterised by two elements: the relief shapes that resume the sinuous movement of a dancer and the velvety red effect on the background that recalls the theater curtain.The first symbolize the typical elegance of the dance step while the colour represents dreaming. Music as the propulsive force of choreography, pairing Passion with the sense of hearing.


A work full of colours, shapes and raised elements which are inspired by love. Love tells the story of the most overwhelming of all the emotions through different sensations: everyday life is symbolised by the newspaper clippings meticulously inserted into the work; the wicker is a vintage element that evokes pleasant memories; the coloured weaving represents union, created with an element as delicate as wool. Tightly held hands, a caress, a hug: Love is paired with the sense of touch.


An immediate sensation, a lightning bolt: these elements inspired the creation of Insight. This synaesthetic project brings concepts of the olfactory universe into the visual world.
Fragrances and smells become colours and dynamic shapes, embellished with metallic glares: Insight captures the story of a combination of essences floating in the air. Insight is paired with the sense of smell.


What leads some people to attempt extreme challenges at the very limits of human ability? What pushes certain athletes to climb impervious mountains or tackle dangerous paths? Adrenaline tells the story of a rock that has witnessed challenging endeavours. The surface has been partly treated with a lapping technique to reproduce the worn effect in climbing routes. Extreme sports make it possible to admire beautiful natural landscapes: for this reason, Adrenaline is paired with the sense of sight.


Sensation encloses a combination of senses, and was created with the use of chemical elements. It is pleasing to the eye thanks to the pale, typical colours of this type of marble, and touching it allows one to appreciate its workmanship: marble reveals its thousand-year history, shows its primordial aspect in its unevenness and lively, shining chromatic tones. Sensation is paired with the sense of touch.

Tales – Narrative Surfaces, therefore, tells a story that embraces 8 different emotions, aroused by the 5 senses to which each surface has been matched. Each project was the result of creative and exploratory studies carried out by the Tosilab team, with the aim of making the sensory experience unique within the exhibition unique.

Download the Narrative Surface image that you like and share on your social profiles with the project hashtag and #AnalyzingOptimism (for example #Adrenaline #AnalyzingOptimism).

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