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//A quality minimalism: the second trend through Hoof Cafè

A quality minimalism: the second trend through Hoof Cafè

03/07/2020Category : Trend

Let’s continue the journey started during the last weeks by introducing the second trend, which contrasts with the eclecticism of Kelly Wearstler that we talked about in the previous article.

Focused on high quality minimalism featuring homogeneous and functional spaces, this trend is inspired by Asian and North-European décor, which is minimal par excellence.

Introspective refinement subtly underpinned by discrete, simple and sophisticated interiors. Empty, open rooms, foreshortened by beams of light that soften walls, floors and ceilings, thanks to the choice of neutral colour schemes and soft natural materials.

In order to better describe this trend, we move to the United Arab Emirates. We are in Ras al-Khaima which is located in the northern area of ​​the United Arab Emirates, known for its unique natural landscapes.

Hoof Café di Bone Studio: uno spazio contemplativo

A country setting innovatively created with minimalist traits is Bone Studio’s design solution for this café in the United Arab Emirates. An open space, intentionally sparsely furnished, unfolds homogeneously. The chosen materials and soft hues draw up a relaxing and contemplative atmosphere.

Revisited in a Brutalist key. This is Bone Studio’s description of the project. The decision to use materials that are generally applied outdoors, such as concrete, in a choice of neutral tones make this café a place that stands apart for refined minimal aesthetics. Those who experience it see a single large uniform space devoid of visual obstacles.

Take a look at some pictures about Hoof Cafè:

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