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//Living Coral is the color of the year 2019

Living Coral is the color of the year 2019

Finally it was revealed: Pantone indicated Living Coral 16-1546 as the color of the year 2019. A lively coral hue, which animates life with a light golden tone that energizes and revives.

Pantone Living Coral is the color of the year 2019

Lively but soft, PANTONE Living Coral (16-1546) envelops us with warmth and energy to offer both comfort and dynamism to the environments we live in.

In response to the ever-increasing use of digital technology and social media, today essential aspects in our daily lives, we are constantly looking for authentic and engaging experiences that allow reflection and intimacy.

Sociable and lively, the immersive nature of Living Coral Pantone 16-1546 welcomes and encourages carefreeness, our innate need for optimism and joyful activities, our desire for playful expression.

Representing the fusion of modern life, PANTONE Living Coral is a nutritious color that appears in our natural environment but which, at the same time, shows a lively presence even in social media.

foto Living Coral Pantone 16-1546 tcx

Leatrice Eiseman – Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute said:

Color is a uniform lens through which we perceive the real and digital world and this is particularly true for the color of the year 2019. At a time when consumers want interactions and social relationships, the humanizing and comforting features of the Pantone color convivial of the year 2019 touch the right button.

From the Ultra Violet to Living Coral: a triumph of nature

If with the Ultra Violet the path traced towards technological development and the unknown digital spaces, with the Living Coral, Pantone returns to a color that represents the perfect expression of nature, the synthesis of the desired, familiar and energizing aspects of the shades that they are found in nature; it is the color that enlivens the sea, vivifying and effervescent, it seems to hypnotize the eye and the mind. Being at the center of our naturally vibrant and chromatic ecosystem, PANTONE Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs offer shelter to a kaleidoscope of different colors.

With the 3 color palettes released before the summer of 2018, we actually had the feeling that the color 2019 could have been linked to nature: from Cravings, color Palette that recalled to shades of food, to Meanderings that recalls colors born as a consequence of the globalization and the mix of cultures.

I colori dell’anno Pantone dal 2011 al 2018

Ecco i colori dell’anno Pantone dall’Honeysucle del 2011 al Living Coral 2018

foto Lista colori anno Pantone

What do you think? Did you expect this choice? We will follow very closely the evolution of design, fashion and aesthetics following the announcement of the color of the year 2019, given that every year it represents an important event for professionals in these sectors.

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