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//Colours, textures and sensations: 4 design trends for 2023

Colours, textures and sensations: 4 design trends for 2023

A new year is starting and together with the good resolutions it is also the time to talk about new trends related to design: which colours, textures and materials will characterize the interiors for next year? What sensations will they want to communicate? What will be the must haves to furnish in 2023? Here are the 4 key trends for the design of the near future.

Used and handmade: unique pieces are trendy.

The long time spent at home in recent years due to the pandemic has changed our relationship with interior design, moving us away from mass production and leading us more and more towards the expression of ourselves also through choices related to furniture . For this reason, the trend of vintage second-hand and, at the same time, of hand-made is depopulated and consequently the love for the unique piece grows, which becomes a way to invent your own style and give it substance. A wooden chair, a particular wallpaper, a piece of furniture from other times are enough, and the environment is immediately transformed, personalized and welcoming our uniqueness.

Nature continues to be the protagonist.

In 2022, nature was the undisputed protagonist for indoors, we also talked about it at Cersaie, and in 2023 it holds firm in its role, continuing to set trends, but from a new angle: nature as an imperfection, a real expression frankness of life, a concrete and material accent. The natural fabrics, derived from orange peel, rose stems or mushrooms, will therefore depopulate, as well as the stone and metal inserts that will contrast for their hardness with the soft and curvilinear shapes of plants and with the more delicate, but always true, textures. wicker and linen. In line with this trend, natural colors will also recur in 2023: the warm browns of the earth, the black of coal, the gold of sunlight, led by sage green, a tone which, thanks to its calm character, manages to calm any space and convey well-being and tranquility.

Vibrant and joyful: the colors of 2023.

In 2023 white will have a difficult life: the spaces of our daily lives will be filled by the brightest and loudest colors, which were allowed to pass after the announcement by Pantone of the Color of the Year Viva Magenta. And therefore wide open to magenta, coral, peach, and all the warm shades between orange and red, but also to blue, which opens up spaces and broadens the horizons, and to green, with the aim of giving dimension to each space, warming up the rooms and enriching even the most minimalist interiors without tiring.

Parallel worlds and mystical landscapes.

Life in the last 2 years has been particularly busy, and normality has been turned upside down. But finally everything is getting back on track and even art is starting to regain its spaces independently. Hence, therefore, all the digital discourse on the metaverse also arrives in the real and physical world of interior design, with a nascent style that tries to bring us into new, imaginary, mystical spaces. Ethereal materials that communicate peace and comfort, delicate lines and pastel colors that speak softly and welcome you with kindness. Creativity knows no limits and the goal is to immerse each “visitor” in another space, which makes the mind wander.


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